About CodeZero

Covid-19 had a devastating effect on our driving school business, so we took the enforced downtime to find a way to diversify our business.

The solution:

If we can’t deliver a real driving instructor, let's create a virtual one.

Introducing our enhanced driver training app - CodeZero, where we give you the tools to be the driving coach.   

CodeZero is cheaper, and more accessible than a driving instructor, with all the experience and benefits of a structured, progressive, learner-centric approach to learning to drive safely.  

As we still recommend professional instruction to support the journey, CodeZero is designed to share your progression with your nominated instructor, optimising the instructors focus and optimising your investment in training.  Working as a team you can develop safe driving practices that will keep them safe long beyond passing their driving test.

CodeZero delivers a logbook to record the recommended 120 hours practice, tracking the weather conditions, road conditions and skills achieved.  Watch the hours grow and ensure you cover a full range of environments for your new driver to master.

When your learner takes a lesson with an instructor, they are credited 3 times the hours towards their 120 hours practice.  The GPS tracking shows you the lesson journey and instructor feedback so that you can make the most of the professional guidance.

CodeZero App subscriptions are either a monthly or one off 6 month subscription, we can also arrange gift vouchers; a great investment in your child/ grandchild's future.

Our vision is to train the trainer, to create a flow on effect of better driving

In 2015, Mark Revill-Johnson started to create content to assist parents and coaches with teaching their new, usually teen drivers.  Covid-19 introduced a space in a busy work schedule to bring the vision to life - CodeZero (Road Code + Vision Zero), was born.

Mark says;

"All of the stats say that the majority of crashes are caused by driver error.  27 years of police experience confirms this for me.  I only ever attended one crash that was due to mechanical failure and even that could have been prevented if the driver had maintained their car.

Seeing first hand the pain and suffering that is caused to those left behind after a road death and the ongoing consequences for errant drivers, led me to train as a driving instructor.  In this role I felt I could give novice drivers the skills necessary to not just drive a car but to do so safely.

I quickly discovered that I was only a small part of the process and sometimes my work was being contradicted by parents/family members in between lessons.

If the stats tell us that drivers cause crashes, why do we let these drivers train new drivers?

My answer to this question is to train the coaches and so I set about writing the content for this application.

If the use of CodeZero contributes to the safety of our new drivers, saving one life or preventing one serious injury, it will be worth it"

Meet the team

Mark Revill-Johnson

During Covid-19 lockdown, life took a pause.

I was unable to operate Revs Motorcycle Training, a specialist training company where I teach students to ride safely and aim to provide a skill for life, not just tips on how to pass a test.

It was time to dig those 'projects' out of the cobwebs.  One of those projects was to be able to present content that I had written for Parents/Coaches/Instructors to give their students (in particular teens) structured, accurate information to give novice drivers the skills necessary to not just drive a car, but to do so safely.

In 27 years of police experience I only ever attended one crash that was due to mechanical failure and even that could have been prevented if the driver had maintained their car.

My qualifications include

Qualified driving instructor in NZ – I endorsement holder

NZTA approved course provider – Motorcycle basic handling skills and Competence Based Training and Assessment

NZ Police Gold Class driver

Chief examiner (Cars) Institute of Advanced motorists (NZ)

NZTA approved course provider – I Endorsement course (AA Driving School)

Previously qualified driving instructor in UK- ADI

UK Police Class 1 Advanced driver

Former examiner Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (UK)

Former Chief observer, Sefton group, Institute of Advanced motorists (UK)

Most importantly of all, I am a parent. 

Joanne Burns (Jo aka "Mum")

With a teen heading into their driving career, Marks' vision for a tool to teach parents, many of whom had not looked at a Road Code since they studied for their driving test, hit a note with me.  Working alongside Mark to engage branding designers, app developers, marketing strategists and focus groups has been an absolute pleasure.

Design to build has been a fantastic journey, drawing on my IT, Project Management and just plain 'Mum' skills.

We hope you find value in CodeZero, if our App, contributes to the prevention of a minor or a major driving incident, or even better, prevents a fatality, our CodeZero journey has been a success.