Safer drivers.
Zero deaths.

Partner with us to help make New Zealand a place where no one is killed or seriously injured in road crashes.

We're now collecting expressions of interest from like-minded parties to bring the next phase of our Driver Education App to market.

CodeZero works towards making New Zealand a place where no one is killed or seriously injured in road crashes.

The "Average" Driver

Most serious and fatal crashes are caused by avoidable mistakes from normal, everyday drivers doing normal, everyday things. In other words, the "average" driver.

In no uncertain terms, the next generation of drivers are being trained by average drivers with limited time to teach, limited budget and limited access to professional drive training.

Teaching the road code and learning to pass a test is not the solution. Could learning the basics well save a life on New Zealand roads?

CodeZero creates a learner centric driving ecosystem

… that increases coaching abilities and doesn’t rely solely on learner motivation

"Train the trainer" with correct, quality guidance for parents and drive coaches

CodeZero App is designed with content to train parents and coaches to give correct, quality guidance to new drivers.

CodeZero encourages a structured, progressive, learner-centric approach to learning to drive, safely. CodeZero delivers a structured program on how to manipulate the vehicle, progress to identifying, planning for, and responding safely to hazards, both actual and potential. CodeZero provides a log book to record the recommended 120 hours practice, with weather conditions, road conditions and skills achieved. Watch the hours grow and ensure you cover a full range of environments for your new driver to master.

The Team