"'Why wasn't this available years ago?

I'm not going to lie all of me and my siblings ended up with someone outside the family or me teaching them to drive because of teen meltdowns... most driving lessons ended with tears with both parties and vows to never do it again when Dad was involved."

Calista, Tauranga.

"Not read it all yet (jotting down any thoughts that pop into me head) 

Read a few pagse of “controls” OMG 9 & 3!! I learnt something - of course 10 & 2 should change
There is so much I already know, But reading it in this list/ note format you get a “Yes, that’s right oh s@$! I must let her know about that” Hey if the rest of it’s like the 1st few pages then this is so far brilliant”

Irene, parent with a 16 year old daughter about to drive.

"Oh jeez, I'm terrified at the thought of it all and we are there already, Luka is chomping at the bit to get out there, I'm wishing he was still 4

Seems pretty comprehensive! Excellent job, straight off Luka thought 10 and 2 for hands so he's learnt something already! "

Deana, Whakatane -